Istanbul: Sites of Knowing

A Digital Exhibition created for the graduate course Istanbul from Empire to Post-Modernism taught by Prof. Naby Avcioglu.

Naby Avcioglu
Lauren Allegrezza
Elizabeth Akant
Margarita Benacerraf
Maresa Carney
Isabelle Del Otero
Miray Eroglu
Zihan He
Karina Grady
Jennifer Kim
Gracie Liu-Fang
Mary Maliha
Henry Piper
Yasmine Yakuppur
Katie Wiskoski
With the website advice from Iris Finkel

There are very few cities in the world that can boast with their stunning topography, historical density, longevity and dynamism than the city of Istanbul. This exhibition zooms in some of the key sites and images to promote knowledge of the city's political, cultural and topographic transformation. It is divided into ten sections, each representing a part or an epoch of the city that has marked its history and physical shape.